Glamper is fixed!

And…I am a little smarter as a result.

After having such a negative experience with AC Nielsen RV, I found a family owned RV seller and maintenance shop actually closer to me in Elkhorn, NE.  Petersen RV.  From the moment the receptionist picked up the phone, I felt welcomed and understood.  She sympathized with my issues, got it all down and confidently felt they could fix the municipal water line rather quickly.  I also asked if they could just give me a brief tutorial of the water system overall and explain to her what had happened before, and she said they would.

So, I dropped the RV off and hoped for the best.

Just a few days later, I got a call that it was ready.  Cost was roughly $240 – a little steeper than what I was expecting/hoping.   Left on the list is some cosmetic work I need to do around the municipal water line where the paint tore off.  When I got to Petersen’s, I paid and asked again for a tour of the water system.  The young gentleman who had worked on my rig came out and he did just that.  

Come to find out that not only did my municipal water valve need fixing, but there was a hose to the water tank that was also broken and off which explained the internal flooding I had experience when I tried to fill the tank!  I was so happy that it wasn’t my fault that I flooded the interior!!  So, he showed me what all the valves did and why, including the water heater.  It was EXACTLY what I needed.  And it was also very simple.  And worth every penny. 


There’s a main lever that drains the water tank, it’s big and hard to miss.  I did figure that out on my own.  In addition, there is two little white water valves that need to be in the off position (down) – they are for draining the tank when it gets to a lower level that the main drain can’t empty.  Got it.  So, when they winterized it, all valves were in the open position.  They just all needed to be closed.  They are closed now.  There’s a similar little valve for the heater, it also has to be in a closed position.  When I use the municipal water line, I shouldn’t need the pump.  When I use the water tank, I need the pump.  Easy peasy!

Next trip:  UFLI Championships, Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO July 30th – Aug 3rd.

Friday:  Treo plays on a red dog dream team called “Red Dogz Rule” and Pixel plays on the Mini-Aussie Dream team called, “Mini Madness”!  Saturday and Sunday Treo and Pixel share the height dog spot on the Speedracers team.

Red Dogs Rule

Our dream team t-shirt design



2 thoughts on “Glamper is fixed!

  1. Thanks for sharing about the muni water systems. I’ve had some winter water issues and interior flooding probs, too. Adorable Aussies! I didn’t know they came in mini or that agility had teams. So you’re kind of like a canine soccer mom, then? That is SO cool!!!

    • Oh yes, k9 soccer mom fo sho!

      Point of clarification…the team they are on is in Flyball. Although, some agility venues do combine scores in a team competition as well. We’ve done that too.

      I’m so glad to have the water thing behind me!! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that I am not alone in figuring out this great mystery.

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