MN Repeated

Home for a few days, water goals failed, back to MN for a Flyball tournament at the same location as CPE Nationals.  This time I came prepared with my own 30amp slip lock adaptor.  Flyball is a team sport, so my team also decided to camp on site as well.  I can understand why now.  Nearly everyone at the tourney was camping.  It was like a Flyball Festival.  (if you want to learn more about this dog sport called Flyball, click here.)

Among the campers in my team were 2 tenters, one extended van and me and my Rialta.  Upon arrival we all got set up.  I was nearly in the same spot as last weekend, but this time I had access to  water.  So, I attempted to plug in the water to the municipal water but it seemed to wreak havoc with everything inside.  I couldn’t get anything to run, so I quit and got distracted with playing Flyball throughout the evening.  I didn’t end up using the toilet or the water, just used the on site facilities.

The next morning we woke up to looming storms.  We managed to play all day without a ton of problems, except the cold, but big storms were coming our way.  The tenters were nervous, and I didn’t blame them. As evening set in, we decided to close up camp – chairs, awnings and the like all put away.  Just as we settled in for the night, the storm came.


The camper’s view of me.


My view of the campers

I had Treo with me and this time, I also added my Mom’s dog, Gabby.  Treo is a mini-aussie and Gabby is a tiny aussie.  Both play Flyball.  Both are pretty worn out from playing that day.  As the storm started to come through, Treo was scared and Gabby, clearly was not.  It thundered and rained all night.  It would actually be cozy if Treo tolerated it better than he does.  Unfortunately, he’s pretty scared.


Treo: I am scared. Gabby: I’m not.

The next morning when I got up to let the dogs out to potty, as I opened the door, I almost stepped into a 4″ pond that had formed outside the RV.  Holy rainy buckets.  I still took he dogs out, got them back in, and eating breakfast.  Tenters already were packed up, having had a not so fun night with leaky tents and very frightened dogs.

As I assessed the situation, I realized if I just moved forward 3 ft or so, I’d be out of the pond.  So, I decided I’d go ahead and do so.  I  put the keys in and started moving forward.  One of my teammates said, “your hose!” But it didn’t register what she was saying until I heard a loud “POP!” noise, and damn if I didn’t snap off the face plate for the municipal water line, and the faucet to boot.  As I had driven forward, I ran over the hose and created enough tension to do the damage. WHAT a bummer.  I just hadn’t considered that to be an issue.  Now it’s on the list to have fixed.  My first self-inflicted wound.  Lesson learned:  check around the vehicle before pulling up, back or out.  I’m thinking this will be an expensive lesson.



By the way, again, it was FREEZING outside.  Here’s some pics of my friends “weathering” the weather.  NO, I did not leave them out there to freeze like that.  They came into the RV and warmed up a bit between runs.  I do have a feeling, though, that this experience might have soured them from camping for a while.  That’s why I am a “Glamper” – the Rialta solves for those unsavoury variables like “too hot” or “too cold” and “too wet” or “too buggy”.  Which is why I got it in the first place, among other reasons.


Last discovery of the weekend, the RV had a very pungent smell.  Was it from the leakage I caused earlier in the week when I was trying of fill the tanks?  The carpets did flood a little, but this smell was kinda like a pungent cat urine smell.  If you have cats you know EXACTLY what I mean.  Was it the black water tank needed to be emptied?  That would be strange because I’ve hardly used it.  Will have to figure that out too when I get home.  But, at the moment, I had to find some duck tape for the hole, and go play out the weekend of Flyball.

We got done playing at a good time, we got home at a decent time.  I decided to stop and empty the grey and black water tanks on my way.  I downloaded an app called:  All Stays RV Dumps.  It’s cool.  It looks where you are, and it finds the nearest RV dump sites.  Low and behold, there was one right off the interstate I was on just 13 mi from home.  It was at a Rest Area, near Underwood.  I didn’t know rest areas had free RV dumps.  So, I got there, put on my latex gloves, and got to work.  Unfortunately the tube disconnect the second I pushed the black water lever, and I had gunk coming out while I tried to get it shut back off gain.  Gross, gross, gross!  Can’t believe i am the first one that’s ever happened to, though.  I got it connected again and it worked fine.  I then pulled the grey water, and got that going through.  Once done, rinsed it all out with the water there on-site.  Wasn’t so bad, actually.  Lesson learned:  check the valve connection, but then check it again before pulling the lever or you WILL be punished.  🙂




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