Second Voyage – Ami flies solo Oct 2013

The second voyage was Ami and Tazer off to ASCA Nationals in Colorado.  The week went off without a hitch, but then again, she didn’t use any of facilities, just the fridge and the microwave.  She was fighting a cold all week, so after she ran agility, she’d just come back to the RV and crash.  Lots of Raman noodles  She did bring her bike so she could ride to and from the showers/toilets etc pretty quickly.




She camped on asphalt, but had electrical hook ups.  All in all, it looks pretty cozy.  Her choice was to sleep on the folded down front captains chairs and keep the back dinette open for watching movies and sitting space.  This was the last trip for the RV for 2013.  We had a local RV joint winterize it, and we put it in a garage at at storage place.  We broke it out of there for 2014’s first camping trip, CPE Nationals.  My first trip by myself.


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