RV Newbies – Sept 2013

Our 2005 Winnebago Rialta QD arrived last August after a long, long search and lots of talking.  We had finally committed to getting an RV in partnership with my Mom last summer, and since that time there was at least one that was sold out from under us because we didn’t act fast enough.  So, when we found the opportunity for THIS RV – 2005 limited edition with less than 2k miles on it, we jumped sight unseen!  It is all that it promised.  I think our VW service tech called it a “time capsule” and he’s right.  Here’s a pic from the day it arrived:

other side rv

Inside it’s all leather.  We added an awning and a new TV (the standard one is analogue).  Everything works great and it came to us camping ready.  So within a few weeks, we decided to take it out for a weekend close to home.  Key stats to remember:  (1) Other than when I was a kid, I’m not versed on RVing; (2)  There’s no men in our immediate family to kick the responsibility to to learn how to run this thing; (3)  Seems like most the instructions in the Rialta manual simply say, “turn it on and it works”…like magic.T

We decided to take it on a test run close to home.

Before we went, though, we decided to also buy a trunk to fix to the two package on the rear.  I’m a “why drive when you can buy online” kind of gal, so I ordered our trunk online.  When it came…it’s huge.  Not sure how it would work on our RV, I got a swing away package so we’d be assured to have access to the back storage area.  That turned out to be unnecessary, as it sits pretty far away from the unit.  Of course it didn’t fit right out of the box.  The tow needed an adapter, so I had to go get that it a local U-Haul store.  Once I got that, we were ready to hook it all up.  By the time I got it all together, and on the vehicle, it was 8:00-ishpm.  We didn’t have a lot of light left in our evening to get to the park and get set up.  It was like this.



Where:  Hitchcock Nature Center


  • RV camping sites with 30 amp or 50 amp electrical services
    • $15.00 per night
  • They also have tent camping and cabins.

Review:  We really liked this park.  The bathrooms were clean, the sites were very level and we were surrounded by nature.  They did have fire pits with firewood you could buy right there.  We didn’t get a lot of time to explore since we were off at an Agility Seminar during the day, and dinners there at the host’s house at night.

So, we learned a lot that night.  Here’s the list:

(1) Read ahead of time how to plug-in RV because it’s really hard to figure out in the dark, when it’s 89 degrees+ outside.

(2)  Know where your going ahead of time.  It’s hard to find a campground, in the dark, when you don’t know where you are going.

(3) Leave early to assure you will have enough light.

And we learned a lot during the weekend.  One of our dogs doesn’t like a bunch of little dogs jumping around in tight spaces, and this space is tight with 2 adults and 3 dogs.  Thus, we separated everyone with a baby gate.


One of the great things in our RV is the many, many outlets for charging our many devices.cozyrvlivn rvlivn2Clearly the dogs are very settled in this new “house”. warm glow

More adventures to come…

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